I created this eBook because I noticed many people share tips online about “how to keep your child occupied at home,” but never have I read anything about teenagers. Playdough or crafts might excite little ones under 10, but what about soon-to-be adults?

In this eBook I share with you the technics I put in place in my family to be more organized and proactive with my teenagers. I hope you'll find some tools you can implement too! 


This eBook is not at all a place to find information on what to do academically for your children but just to find an organization proper TO YOUR FAMILY with tools that worked  for us and that can be replicate or modified if necessary.

This eBook is FREE and I am happy to offer it to you and your family. Currently, it is not possible to offer free products via this platform due to the fact that merchant accounts (e.g., PayPal, Authorize.net etc.) cannot process payments for $0.00

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Ebook - Engage your Teenagers


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