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Feeling good in your own home is feeling good in your interior but also in your inner self 🙏. 


By being organized you'll have more time to spend for the people you love, and do things that really matters to you. 

With my method we will work hand in hand on a process that will work for YOU and your FAMILY.

By decluttering your home you'll feel better and gain more ENERGY

to achieve the thing you want to do, and have more TIME for the things you love 💖.

The Concept

Organize your home so you can 
Simplify your life and do the things you love

My name is Julie and I am a French certified professional home organizer. My approch is more tailored for each individual rather than applying a method for all. 

I created a personnalized way for you to get organized;

either on site with my help, by visio-conference or by yourself with some online tutorials.

You'll add some DASH into your home. 


Accept (and)

Simplify (your)



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